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When you hesitate to write something, wh …

When you hesitate to write something, what reminder can you give yourself to be as completely honest as you can, both factually and emotionally?

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  1. doule says

    Since I blog primarily to be my own sex therapist post-breakup…it pays to keep that in mind.

  2. Suzanne says

    For me, honestly, it is simple. My Master demands open and honest communication in my every public or private conversation.. whether it be with myself in my journals, or with others interactively. That one reminder is all that is required for me to write fully and honourably. There is no honour in disservice, or in hiding anything of my being that my Master owns and commands.

  3. ldyaisling says

    For me, I remind myself that the purpose of writing this journal is to help me on my journey so there is zero point in continuing if I’m not open and honest with myself about what happened and what I feel about it.

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