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Is it wrong to believe without proof?

Is it wrong to believe in something or someone without proof?

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  1. witchywomin says

    Yes and no because of the way people are built. We are always taught we need proof to know the truth. Step back and wait to see where it leads while sometimes bells are going off in our heads saying something is not right. It is the conscious talking and the way we assess the present situation, “the feeling in the bones.” The way a person acts and changes the story is a bell also. My Dom was up front with me from the beginning about his health, his son, some of his younger days and his former wife. He told me he doesn’t want to marry me or have any more kids. I can understand, given our ages and my health. The things that happened in the past are past and we just have to take someone’s word for it because there are no proofs of that.

  2. Rs says

    No it is not . Part of being submissive is the trust between you and your master, if that trust is broken so will be the bind that you share. Give yourself and stop searching. You would not have opened up the way you have if you weren’t comfortable. Give in and serve, as the rewards will outweigh the negatives. Love your master for he will love you.

  3. little monkey says

    Belief without proof is called faith. If it is misplaced faith then it can be dangerous. If your faith is not misplaced , it can be sublime. “Is it wrong?” is entirely subjective to the circumstance.

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