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How did you decide that you were submissive?

How did you decide that you were submissive? If you haven’t decided yet (or you are a Dominant) what qualities do you consider to be those of submissives?

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  1. Shekay says

    After two marriages and 55 years of living with an “in the mind fantasy kink”, I knew. Both of the men I married were so laid back that I was forced to take over constantly. I made all decisions for goals and financial dealings. It was after I entered politics and had to bring on the STRONG Alpha female every time I left the house, I knew I was tired of running my life. I’ve lived the life of a submissive for a year. Some of the times were absolutely fantastic. Others…not so much. I had/have so much to learn. These messages from lunaKM have been tremendously helpful. I am slowly beginning to understand not just submissiveness, but my style of it.

  2. akanni says

    I have not decided, it had to be opened. Master recognize me

  3. kwdsslave says

    i am a switch, but prefer the submissive side. i decided this when my husband and i had been married for a couple of years, but due to the military were separated, and we had phone sex with him telling me what to do. It was the biggest turn on for me that i had ever had up to that point. It is also the thing that i struggle with the most, which makes it that much more important, if that makes any sense.

  4. Fraser says

    I don’t generally feel submissive, but when I’m with Sir it just feels natural and right, I think it’s impossible for me to properly explain, the attraction, connection and trust make it possible.

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