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List 10 rules you’ve broken. Why did y …

List 10 rules you’ve broken. Why did you break them? What were the consequences?

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  1. jenny jones says

    The last time i was punished for being selfish and did something so dirty i playsed with my clitty,cock,and had an orgasim My masted could tell plus i told him. I am not allowed sexual relese as it is selfish and I soil my panties. i dress as his wife/slut at all times. He said he was very dissapointed in me, and wasnt i satisfied with his milking my prostate. I said yes Sir but, well the butt was enough master said he will look into having me castrated, then that problem will be gone. Master knows alot of doctors who would do it, the ones who have me on female hormones. I was going to beg for a second chance but thought better, if I did he would take me and have it done that day. He put me in cotton briefs in pink and pastels and had checks to see that mt panties were never stained. I apoligised to him when he asked if him his sperm wasnt enough to satisfy me by sucking his magnificent cock regularly. Well as punishment he said he would set up a motel room and arrange for me to be pimped out to males all weekend 24/hours a day. he gets the money and says I get the sex from sucking cocks. The money will bw used to get me breast implants He wants 46GGG and my castration. So i am in the proses of being not punished but to show him how sorry i was to breack his rule. I was also learning to do only what he said and he ment it, I love my master so very much
    sissy jenny

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