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The paradox is that the needs of the master are not,

“The paradox is that the needs of the master are not, in fact, superior to the needs of the submissive. Rather, they share equal importance.” – Kacie Cunningham

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  1. purrpleasure says

    Yes, I agree – I was new to this lifestyle and was quite surprised that my master’s needs are not #1, My master puts me first – I am an older woman who has had her fair share of men in a relationship and my master now is the best Man I have ever had the pleasure to know. He truly takes care of me and I take care of him – we watch out for each other – this is the best man I have had the pleasure to know and I do mean pleasure!!! He tells me it is his job to “Take Care of Me” and he does. Love him immensely and I will be his for as long as he wants me.

  2. Marie says


  3. Sabri says

    I would say that the paradox is that to me the needs of the Dominant are #1 and to the Dominant my needs are #1.

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