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Is power exchange a need or a want in your life?

Is power exchange a need or a want in your life?

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  1. Sara says

    It is a need for me. Since losing my master, i have been searching for my place in this lifestyle again. Because he was my first experience I didn’t really know what was because of me or what was because of him. But in the process of trying to find out, i have learned alot about myself & obviously experimented. I met a dominant man who showed me alot of it was because of me…he fulfills the wants & desires i have, but we don’t engage in any power exchange outside of sessions. And i’m left with empty feelings. Mostly i’m fine during them, but sometimes i break down because that exchange isn’t there. I need it. And i’m now looking for someone who needs it too.

  2. little monkey says

    Need. It’s a need.

  3. mikki says

    i am new to all this. it does seem a need for me and all consumingi still cannot find the right words to describe my feelings. maybe i feel broken by mistress and it a blissful thing

  4. Brian Treece says

    It was not a need until I realized I was born a submissive in many ways. It is true, I can be headstrong but I only need to take charge ,for example,at work .(Not that I am ,but feel like I’m forced to)because no one wants to take responsibility for the results or the group or direction of as a whole. Realizing now in my middle age,that I ve wasted a great many years just trying to survive. I believe the time has come for me to seek a total power exchange with the right woman,couple,or poly family to serve the best this slave can and use this time to help enrich someone else’s life. If someone would not mind a sexy house hubby with lots of construction skills who likes to cook,clean and bake,I may feel right at home, ;)

  5. fireprincess92 says

    I would have to say that power exchange would have to be both a want and a need. there are things that I don’t like doing that would need a power exchange to help get it done in a timely fashion and in a degree I want to be in a D/s power exchange because vanilla relationships have been very disasterous and I would never go back to dating vanilla though vanilla sex has been incorperated in the bedroom with toys.

  6. HoneyGlaze says

    For me, the power exchange is a strong lusty need. I certainly could live without it, but it would a sad dark existence. Now that I have discovered my true nature and TPE is so important to me now.

  7. Gina says

    Thank you for this prompt. It made me think and I definitely used it to complete my JE requirement for today.

    For me, power exchange is something I would readily give to my Master. I would just love to surrender all my burdens and never have to think about them again. However, that wouldn’t be fair to Him as He has His own burdens to deal with and adding mine would probably push Him over the edge. We’ve talked a little bit about TPE and He has said that is something He isn’t looking for right now. Especially since we are so new and still learning about each other. And now that He has just bought a house and all that goes with it, TPE just wouldn’t work with us at this point in time.

    However, fireprincess92 had a good response that fits me to a T and I’ve shared this part of her response with Master – “there are things that I don’t like doing that would need a power exchange to help get it done in a timely fashion”. I am the same way. And if left to my own devices, once I get home from work, I will be on the couch watching TV and nothing else would get done. So, power exchange (to an agreed upon extent), is both a want and a need for me.

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