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How do you deal with coming down after an intense scene?

How do you deal with coming down after an intense scene?

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  1. HeatherRenee says

    After a particularly heavy scene I always sub drop, even with after care, and a 24/7 D with me I drop for days too. I usually go through a plethora of emotions, including crying which in most cases is a feel good cry not a sad cry. I also get extremely needy and little, so now D just gives me my build a bear from the get go, he bought me and I usually have it close the entire scene, that being said, it just breaks me down to the core and I need love and support to come out of it.

    So dealing with it, I have my bear, I also tend to stay close to or in contact with D as much as possible, and hope he is patient with me as I roller coaster, usually he is because he is all gloating inside he has me that twisted up. I tend to want to eat chocolate, like for at least 24 hours after I crave it, and this may sound silly but I also need a soft blanket or sheets, something very tactile against my skin. Sometimes I crash out and sleep hard, but then after that I am an insomniac for a day or so and D plays with my hair to relax me enough for me to fall asleep. I think that’s about all we do to deal with it. :)

  2. Eric Johnson says

    Thank you for sharing such personal experiences with your fans.

  3. Jo126 says

    I recently learnt that when Sir and I have a heavy scene, I drop badly, and tend to get depressed. Sir has said when I’m not at my best for Him, then He will stay away. So, I asked for help, and Sir looked into it. I now take in Loads of water and re hydrate, sachets, Sir also purchased some vitamins for me to take, after a scene. It was so hard for me to talk to Sir about this, but Sir cares deeply for me, and He takes good care of me. Now ii understand that the binge eating, or not eating, does not do me good in the long run and I’m His property

  4. prince_puddle says

    After heavy scenes, my Partner and I have a ritual set up. I get some time with no restraints, so toys in view, usually in bed. We will sit or lie close and I will pet his hair and he will tell me if I did good, how he felt during, making sure I know that the scene was good. Then we will go outside, have a smoke, and talk about the scene with me sitting at his feet.
    We will touch on what went good, what went so-so, and if I called an amber, what can be done in the future to avoid that. I will check in that all his needs and wants were met, and make sure that he was comfortable during the scene.

    If either of us called a red, we do something similar but no sitting at his feet. I will get us some water and our “bad news” blanket. Then we talk if and when we are ready about what happened. Usually we go watch a nature docu for a few after after that and chill out.

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