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What does 24/7 mean to you?

What does 24/7 mean to you?

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  1. slave jimmy says

    Giving up total control. He is control of what you do. What you eat. When and where you sleep. What you wear. Or dont wear.

  2. Raelene says

    24/7 to me means basking in the warmth of my Master and letting Him do all the difficult stuff. He is very good at that sort of thing and i can devote myself to my spiritual work that has become very important. i love the big blanket of warm fluff that He wraps me in….

  3. slave scarlett says

    24/7 is just part of how our TPE relationship is defined. Total means total, my Master has full control over everything I do. That doesn’t mean that I am naked and locked in chains all day. It means that we have to deal with real life issues as part of the D/s dynamic.

    You can read more about the reality of living 24/7 in my blog.

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