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Are you and/or your Owner polyamorous,…

Are you and/or your Owner polyamorous, monogamous or have an open relationship? How does that work for you? What are the other partners like?

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  1. Kaelyn says

    “I suppose when push comes to shove Master and I do have an open relationship. We know we can go and sleep with someone outside our relationship, as long as we are honest about it with each other…..”

    Read the rest in my blog! :)

  2. Gina says

    This being my first BDSM relationship, I struggle with this aspect. Master and I have been together for over two years and I’ve known all along that He chats with other women online and via email and text. The distance made me feel safe I guess. And with His work schedule, I knew He didn’t have time to meet up with another woman face to face, much less play with them. However, a few months ago, He told me that one of the ladies He was chatting with said that maybe we all could get together and have a threesome. Now, on one hand, I am honored that He chose to disclose that I exist in His life. In my past vanilla relationships, this didn’t happen. However, having had the past experiences of being cheated on, this revelation threw me for a very big loop – I guess some would call it a trigger. I shut down for a few months. I read everything I could get my hands on about poly relationships and even reached out to a couple friends on Fetlife who are poly to an extent. All I read and all advice I was given boiled down to the fact that I needed to talk to Master and get everything out in the open. During my shut down time, I kept up with my journaling to Master explaining my feelings at that particular moment which were running the gambit minute to minute and day to day. When we finally got a chance to talk about it a little, He said He would not pursue the poly side until He was sure I was ready. And that no matter what happened, I would always be number one in our BDSM life and in our vanilla life. Still, the triggers are there and five months later I still don’t know if I can share Him with another woman whether I am involved or He goes and plays by Himself. I want Him happy and fulfilled but at what cost to me?

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