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Do you believe the internet has made the …

Do you believe the internet has made the ‘lifestyle’ more accessible to people? How has the internet impacted your lifestyle?

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  1. judy says

    Yes, I firmly believe the internet has helped many a person find their way to this lifestyle. I couldn’t believe all the information I can and have found out about this lifestyle. Lord only knows if I had access to internet in my younger years what I would have turned out like. I’m in my early 60s and have found a wonderful man I was searching thru fet life and Luna’s Submissive Journal site who was a “Dom” and when he started to talk about certain things – wow I felt I had died and gone right to kinky heaven. Yee Ha!!! I have never been happier and the things my “Master” has taught me is amazing. I love this lifestyle I am a very happy and very lucky sub to have the master I have – thank goodness for the internet – I would have never known about things like Kinky Kollege and all the wonderful and informative websites there are out and about this wonderful world. Well, I’ve babbled enough. But the internet has indeed opened my eyes as well as my heart.

  2. Raelene says

    Without a shadow of a doubt. I worship the internet and Facebook actually. If you know how to harness the true power of these modalities it is very liberating.

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