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Write about your first D/s relationship. …

Write about your first D/s relationship. How does that differ to the one you are in now?

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  1. Jeanine says

    My first D/s relationship just ended and looking back now on it, it really wasn’t . it was mostly him barking out orders, but not any real power exchange. When he needed to he would get the paddle out and give me a couple of swats and that’s it. I think that he is a great guy, but we both could have used mentoring in the lifestyle. I am currently not in a D/s relationship, but I looking .

  2. judy says

    I am in my first D/s relationship going on 3 years and I could not be happier. My Master is wonderful – kind – a wonderful mentor and protector. I have learned many things from him that has carried over to all aspects of my life – my job as well as personal side. With my Master’s help I bought my first home. I am thankful everyday that we found one another. I am quite a “service” sub – expecting nothing in return but the joy of serving him – making him happy is all I want to do. He is the best man I have ever had the pleasure to know and to serve. I had been in other relationships but the men I was involved with had no idea what I wanted or needed from them. I ended up being the dominant one and that’s not what I wanted – now I have what I want and needed. My master has my utmost devotion and my love and devotion grows every day. Every day brings a new experience to our relationship and we both benefit which is how a relationship should be. I’m very glad I found this man and will do all that is in my power to keep him happy and keep him as my Master as I am his loyal sub/slave

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