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What is your most favorite part of your Owner’s body? Do …

What is your most favorite part of your Owner’s body? Do you pay it special attention? How would you feel about having to worship that body part as a part of your service?

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  1. His whore says

    Personally I am all about his eyes. They are deep and beyond captivating. I love having His permission to look into them during our sessions, to see His pleasure and know I am loved. I am not really sure how one would worship eyes as such but I do make a conscious attempt during our time to thank Him for allowing me the freedom to gaze into His eyes. Its a gift I will never take for granted.

  2. Goddess' -pet (westfal) says

    favorite part of my Goddess’ body would be a tie between Her lovely ass, her lithe legs, or her cute feet…..impossible to decide:)

  3. subsea says

    I’ve got a serious thing about his hair. It gray/white & incredibly soft. Not overly long, but just enough to give me something to play with.

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