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If you feel yourself in any degree bound to me, I am now willing to release you…

If you feel yourself in any degree bound to me, I am now willing to release you, provided you wish it; while, on the other hand, I am and even anxious, to bind you faster, if I can be convinced that it will in any considerable degree, add to your happiness.  This, indeed, is the whole question with me.  Nothing would make me more miserable to believe you miserable – nothing more unhappy than to know you were so.
-       Abraham Lincoln in a letter to his fiancée Mary Owens, August 16, 1837

Do you think your Master/mistress would release you for your happiness, even if they did not want to?

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  1. orprov says

    i think that She would if i made it clear to Her that it is best for me to be released. It would be a long and in-depth conversation with Her though.

  2. elizabeth says

    Yes. It would kill me though. The master b4 this one released through a text message. It hurt like hell. It still stings.

  3. MasterNickelsSlut says

    I believe he would but i truly wouldnt want him to.

  4. s says

    I know he would. I’m ashamed to say he and I have been down that road already – he made it clear though that he would always be there for me if I decided I’d made a wrong choice. And I did – and he has taken me back. I’m not proud of it, but I do know he would… he has.

  5. Ginnyw says

    I left him myself once early into the relationship, but he was willing to take me back when I realized I had made a mistake. I believe now he will if it fits his wants/needs at the time. I say this because I came across an email he sent to another DOM about trading me for his. He wanted this other sub so bad he could taste her. He had actually become obsessed with her even though he had only been with her once. He told me he was not planning on trading me, but I knew deep in my soul he would in a heartbeat because I have seen it with my own eyes. The truth hurts, but I have/am building walls to protect my heart from this same thing happening again. I have been told to leave him, but I can’t/won’t do that either.

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