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We all know that roses are a common symbol for love…

We all know that roses are a common symbol for love. What flower do you think describes your submission? Why?

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  1. Sam says

    To me I would say an orchid. They are beautiful but requires a lot of work, effort and patience to get the best blooms. I require a lot of work and patience to be the best little slave I can be.

  2. tina says

    A lily, or tiger lily. They bloom without a lot of work but only last one day. Every day is a new beginning. I need constant care, reminders of my submission as I seem to have a short memory lol.

  3. MyMasterspet says

    I would be a gerber daisy. They are big and fat and happy. They aren’t fancy or pretentious and they always seem to be smiling. They do require some attention, but they aren’t fussy and don’t need much more than a little sun. However, the better you treat them, the prettier they bloom. :)

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