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What sort of society would be ideal to allow…

What sort of society would be idea to allow a submissive to fully express themselves? What aspects of our current society get in the way of this? What is there in your life now which gets in the way?

(from The Control Book by Peter Masters)

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  1. miss kim says

    I find it amazing how far our own society has come at excepting, or perhaps in some cases, living in denial of play. For example, I sometimes wear a leather collar to work and a nose ring. This simply wouldn’t have been possible when I first went to work.

    Another question what might society be like when it gets more open and electronic changes eliminate privacy?

    I suspect, just as in some jobs today they look at you funny if nothing is on your desk, in the future it will be common to have your society media page rolling on a screen in your office and it would include all aspect of your life including play photos and your favorite shot of you blowing your husband.

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