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Do you believe that the mind can be cont …

Do you believe that the mind can be controlled? Is this something you strive for in your dynamic?

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  1. Judy says

    I believe the mind is a powerful tool to be either used or abused – mind control can be helpful to get us to another state of mind while being punished harshly – the mind can take us to another place where the pain doesn’t matter. This is something I don’t specifically strive for as I believe my “Master” and I are very much on the same wave length and mind set that we don’t need any “mind control” games.

  2. NashwaSamirah says

    I had a master a few years ago who enjoyed his minds games alittle too much and I never knew when he was being serious or just fucking with my head. Then he started beating me randomly. It became very abusive. I was on the verge of suicide. Things got so out of control that I had to be medicated to keep from having a psychotic break. So no mind games, I fear my psyche cannot stand it. My current “master” understands gives very direct orders.

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