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What is it that triggers your submissiveness?

What is it that triggers your submissiveness? Are there images or actions that do it for you?

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  1. nini says

    The submissiveness is always there (inborn error(?)- ) however if someone addresses me with a firm voice and tone and in brief sentences..physical arousal starts. Obedience follows a short time later, meaning to say an urge to obey.

  2. Hedone says

    Being in the presence of the one that I serve or doing things on His behalf.

  3. purrpleasure says

    For me being with my master triggers my submissiveness. When we are together, I only want to serve him and obey him in any and every way that I can.

  4. Submissive3 says

    I am with Nini – Its tone and body language. I have a full time 24/7 D/s relationship. We both work together too. Total submission comes in a sheer look or movement from her and I stop dead in my tracks with my sole motivation being pleasing her.

  5. vicki johnson says

    For me, it is an inborn mindset. I NEED a Sir that I can respect, admire and be proud enough of, to feel that service to him is deserved. The fact that he cares enough about me to love honor and hold me to higher standards shows real love.
    His acceptance of my service makes me stronger which, in turn, makes our relationship stronger. It becomes a cycle that moves in a positive direction – which is rare.
    Every thing I do, I do with him in mind, he is my inspiration, my challenge to do better in all things in all ways. Its not one thing, one look or any one tone, its every breath of every day.

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