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How do you get him to up the control without topping from the bottom?

How do you get him to up the control without topping from the bottom?

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  1. Amber says

    I try not to top froom the bottom. Because I am his to control how he pleases.With that being said I could always ask him for what I want and I am mostly assured that he will allow me what i desire. That however isn’t always as nice as feeling him just takeing it. If I dont answer how he wants or at all he gets more firm with me. I suppose it may not be me getting him to control me more but getting him to be just a little rougher with me. If I refuse at first ( I legitamitly don’t want to do it, I dont refuse just for the hell of it) he may grab my throught quicky makeing my head move back or pulling my hair so my head tilts back, and telling me again in a voice that *insert closed eys smile and shiver* just makes me wet. Sometimes I will do something wrong so that he can punish me. I don’t do it often at all, infact I rarely do. That is more something I do for him because I know he sometimes enjoys giveing me a punishment. I am a very good submissive, My Dom has even told me so many times. I can talk my way out of most punishments if I really find it worth it or that I dont deserve it. Sorry got off topic for a moment. Really all I actually need to do to get Myy Dom to up the control, is tell him what I like, what I want, and what I need. My dom is great about that. We know eachother well and often he knows what i need in his control before i gain the courage to ask for it. If i am feeling particularly bad. He knows to either just hold me, or take more control and make me submit more to him. He take the control that I want to give up to feel better and free from my bad feelings.To feel safty in my submission to him.

  2. Amber's Dom says

    I enjoy my Sub topping from the bottom i guess. i mean, i like her asking me what she wants. though i know when she is trying to top me from the bottm. i give her what she needs, not nessacarliy what she wants. i like being rougher with her when she can take it, and gentle when she needs it. she is a great submissive. she does what i want, and what i need. we know eachother so well. and she is mine. I am amber’s Dom. but i am also hers.

  3. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    i always just say “no” As a slave we both know that means nothing really. It’s just my way of requesting more aggression. He knows this because i have explained it to Him. That way He wouldn’t mistake it for defiance. If He gives me what i want that’s great, but if He doesn’t…well, saying ‘no’ is never a valid response. i drop my defenses just like i would drop the subject if i had asked for anything else and was denied.

    “no” is my question, and His reaction is my answer. i just go from there, but i never defy Him for the sake of it.

    That is in reference to play.

    i used to think it might be fun or at least exciting in a dangerous kind of way to make Him angry, to provoke a punishment. He told me i didn’t want to, but i wanted to know why so i did it anyway. He won’t feed into it. He just ignores me. But when i HAVE gotten in trouble, it’s been severe. He doesn’t physically punish me. He plays on my internal slavery, my desire to be pleasing. All He really has to do anymore is just tell me something pissed Him off.

    i do tease Him though from time to time. i will say things like, “it’s okay. We both know i make the rules” or “You can’t tell me what to do”…and He just laughs because it’s so ridiculous.

    In some ways though all subs/slaves top from the bottom in the sense that our Doms/Masters seek to fulfill our need to submit in customized ways based on our style of service. It’s just inherent in the dynamic. we submit to them, and They tailor Their dominance in ways that allow us to grow in Their service, so that we can feel free and fulfilled and drop our defenses and become completely vulnerable, cooperative, and obedient to Them.

    From that perspective, then, every single time i relay a preference, an opinion, a perspective, a need, i am helping to shape the parameters of our relationship by showing Him the things that are essential, desired, or detrimental to my physical, mental, and spiritual health. i am not telling Him what to do or how to be, but all the insight He has about me will be a deciding factor in the way He chooses to relate to me.

    I guess the question is kind of difficult because ‘topping from the bottom’ is so vague…or at least it seems so to me.

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