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Do you struggle with depression? How has…

Do you struggle with depression? How has being submissive helped you recover?

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  1. Amaryllis1903 says

    I am not sure that you ever “recover” from depression. Yet, just like with any good relationship, Sir is there to be my cheerleader or my ass kicker (or should I say ass spanker?) depending on the situation. His strength helps to strengthen me.

  2. B. says

    I particularly struggle with depression during my period, I feel “useless”, although Im still used in different ways to satisfy my husband/master how he desires, but the overwhelming feeling of uselessness is very difficult to deal with. He does all he can to help me, but its becoming increasingly difficult to cope with.

  3. Snowdrop says

    My personality is and has always been very sensitive and I tend to overanalize everything – this is part of my everyday struggle to deal with decisions mostly, but is true in general.
    For me even accepting my submissive nature (what is fairly evident) was hard – and being a difficult “decision” (accepting and realizing it) it made me depressed and held back for a loooong time.

    So for me sensitivity, compliance, thinking and observing and being a submissive comes from the same root. Thus the more I accept my submissivity and let it happen and open up with/in it, the happier and balanced I’ll be. :-)
    (Plus along the years I’ve learned that in a cloudy weather there’s no use to think about life’s “big questions”. ;-D)

  4. J says

    I have struggled with depression and anxiety since I can remember, and have never understood it and why I was depressed. I was on medication, but eventually stopped. I am very young and just starting my training with my first Master. It seems to give me stability and help me understand my personality. It seems cliche to say, but it has been what was missing in my life. I am so thankful to my Master.

  5. The Wolf from Penn's Woods says

    I suffer from situational depression. My ex-Dom did not help things by ignoring me when I lived with him, and then throwing me and my son out. If anything, I learned to be more self-sufficient in the absence of a Dom’s love and support. Kind of like, if you want something done, you have to do it yourself. In the few cases where we have spoken since I left, he has mentioned that I am doing much better on my own than his current live-in subs would.

  6. Renee says

    I have suffered from depression for well over 22 yrs now. For first time ever I am in relationship, first long term relationship after ending 22 yr relationship with my ex husband, first long term BDSM relationship, first master/slave relationship, first relationship, first poly relationship. So my emotions are all in whirlwind on their own… Now my Master tells me He thinks He needs to see someone and go back on meds. So I can’t help it ifeed directly from His emotions. He no longer plays (we are sadist/masochist as well), He no longer is sexual, He no longer gives assignments, we are extremely vanilla and without sex. I promised I would be patient, I would be understanding but my depression is starting to resurface as I feel our connection move further from what it was. He is trying to connect in nonsexual ways but I am struggling with feelings of rejection now. So being submissive has done the opposite. I have given all of me, he forced me to tear down those walls I used for protection, left me exposed and vulnerable, raw. I have made promises to be patient, not to run, that i am not like the others, I love him so much. Now with my own thoughts of insecurity set in, I have my honor, my word chanting in my head. I told him I love him, I also told him I will need him to release me when He sees I am dying inside, but He has admitted He doesn’t want to lose me… So both of us are suffering depression, both love and care for each other, want to support each other, do what each of our roles mean to us Him protect, be responsible for my well-being mentally, physically and emotionally. Me serving him, loving Him, giving Him all that I have and am. This only adds to our depression. I know looking from outside it is easy we should take break but do you walk from spouse in time of need? Do you walk from your life partner? Your best friend? So being submissive has done nothing to help me in sense of depression. However it does give me a sense of purpose.

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