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Do you live your D/s in secret?

Do you live your D/s in secret?

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  1. lesme says

    nice question :)
    For family and friends its known. Maybe the neighbours know. But its not what W/we tell in the first connection. Most people donlt understand and only when they know U/us better W/we can tell about it. That its also a form of love and connection.
    Then the most will try to understand. And the few who leave U/us are not the people who can be O/our friends.

  2. Ginnyw says

    Almost no one knows about my D/s relationship except my daughter, her friend, and one couple. My daughter and her girl friend know because he wanted to be their Daddy also. I talk to my friends because I have no other close friends to discuss my relationship with except this web site. These people are a good sounding board for me when I need advice or guidance from someone other then my Dom because I cannot always go to him.

  3. Jasmine says

    Kind of, but I think everyone can see it.

  4. Hishwore says

    Simple answer, yes Master and I do. We are both in situations where we do not have the option of being overly public about our relationship and status as M/s. I have a very few close friends who know and as I understand it, He has the same sort of situation on His end.

    There are a lot of people who are not accepting around both of us, along with people who we could very unintentionally hurt if it were public. Its complicated, at times confusing, and frustrating…but we are there for each other and right now that is all that matters.

  5. Raelene says

    Like everything else in O/our life at the moment O/our D/s relationship is known by all and respectfully left unspoken of. I personally love O/our D/s relationship, surrendering to my Immaculate Master and God was one of the most important turning points in my life putting my life back on the right after all this time. I watch how Master and God gradually reveal my life to me one day at a time and i can tell you all, they are absolute geniuses. Everyday of my life i am wrapped in a magnificent cloud of perfection…. no wonder so many people are envious!!!!

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