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How do you react when you Owner withholds pleasure from you?

How do you react when you Owner withholds pleasure (denial as a part of training or their enjoyment) from you?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    My Owner has been doing just that very thing lately. He seems distracted by other women/girls he has helped in the past or hopes to help in the present and future. I do not like it, but there is nothing I can do about it. He acts as he is addicted to sex, but sees me as a release valve to his kinkier side so I am lucky if I see him once a week. I have learned to deal with it. My training has even been put on the back burner, and he gets mad if I ask him about it.

  2. Kevin says

    Sounds like you have a selfish or uninvested owner. May want to consider if he’s as committed to the relationship as you are.

  3. Kevin says

    In answer to the question, If it’s deliberate sexual denial, I really enjoy it and it feeds my submission. It makes me feel more completely controlled. If it’s because of time or health or other constraints, I get frustrated and don’t always handle it well, mostly because communication is where I’m weakest and I don’t always properly convey what I need.

  4. Carl Johan Ringius says

    I was very Sad when she died and our life was ruind to the bottom so IT take severel years for me to be a human again , but i feel stronger that My life had a goal and that was to continue and i have a strong feeling and thoughts as to be a slave to a mistress who can take care of My life and im hers as well !

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