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How many times are you allowed sexual…

How many times are you allowed sexual release in a given period? A day? A week? A month?

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  1. submissive husband says

    Once a week and somtimes once every 14 days

  2. subsarah says

    Roughly once a week, although I can ask for more if I am a good girl.

  3. taliasf says

    I am allowed to orgasm whenever my Sir wants me to. I am multi-orgasmic, so can have many during a short period of time, at his ‘hands’. I am NOT allowed to pleasure myself, whether with him or alone, unless he requests it, or unless I ask permission of him first. This is sometimes very hard, but we have generally been able to work it out to both our satisfaction .

    I see my Sir often, thank goodness, so both our needs get met frequently!

  4. Ginnyw says

    My dom knows how much I love servicing him and the pleasure of sexual release. He allows me to have orgasms nearly every day most of the time and sometimes multiple times in that 24 hour period as long as I take pictures.

  5. orchidMK says

    i am controlled in this too. *smiles* i am allowed to orgasm when Master says i may…wrong i orgasm when Master tells me too. with him or alone, i orgasm only whn Master says too.

  6. DADDYSlittlegirl says

    i am in training and because i have not had a good sexual relationship before Daddy came into my life,(Daddy is the only man who has ever given me an orgasm and i havent seen my thirtys in many years)Daddy tells me to orgasm as often as i can. when i am exhausted Daddy tells me to continue.i am told to orgasm atleast 20 times a day. i am sure it will be not be long before i am told to stop and of course i will happily obey Daddy

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