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Why do you want to be controlled?

Why do you want to be controlled?

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  1. Ann says

    Very good question. And honestly, I do not know the answer.

  2. Coco says

    That is an awesome questions and I’m going right away to answer it in my livejournal >.>

  3. bella says

    Why do you think you are controlled?

  4. Carl Johan Ringius says

    Im. A person without controll now and im feeling bad without a mistress who are intressted in me and need me for service her in special needs , i feel that i have a mission to make her happy With My service !

  5. VelvetV says

    For me it’s about release. I am a dominant woman to the rest of the world and hold a power position at work. Being able to give up that control is like being able to exhale.

  6. silvertigerlily says

    So much of my daily life is about having to be in control of things related to work and in my own personal life. There is a relief in having someone I trust and love, someone that really knows me and understands me taking over that control, making me focus on the things he needs me too.

  7. lizzy says

    Thats funny and good question, I would someone to control my life because i feel i have no control. I feel that without someone else in control i would be unable to live my life the right way. however things are not going so well.

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