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When was the last time you cried?

When was the last time you cried?

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  1. leash says

    I believe the last time I cried was almost a year ago, it was November and I had just lost a sibling to cancer, was at play party, and was being spanked. I never cried before during this activity but the Domme who was spanking I realized I was not there mentally and stopped the scene. At first, I felt that I let her down then realized with everything that happened my emotions finally came out. I did not really cry much at the funeral but my body finally told me it was time to cry. I still to this day feel strange that a spanking session caused my emotions to erupt. After the holidays I was diagnosed with depression, have taken medication, and believe, I am on the road to recovery from depression. Here is another example of trust, safe, sane, and consensual play and to this day, I am very grateful of the Domme who has helped me grow in the lifestyle as a submissive.

  2. Ginnyw says

    The last time I cried was the other day when I found out that my Master betrayed me. He told me he would never trade me, but was given the opportunity to do that very thing and is considering it. It seems I am never good enough to compete with other sluts/slaves/my daughter/etc. He also likes to humiliate me by the way. This other DOM friend has a slave who my DOM is wanting so bad he can taste her. He just does not know that I know. My DOM is into total domination. This friend is just into BDSM. This friend wants to decondition me to be the person he thinks I can be. I just do not know if I can emotionally or physically. Does this mean I have been brainwashed? I do not know. I am just afraid of the outcome of all this and doing without the support of my Master.

  3. senecasnowbear says

    crying for me has been a learned thing. before Master, i rarely cried, but He gave me tasks that brought me to a place where tears flow effortlessly. going thru major life changes has prompted much flow as well, but Master has walked me thru this and i understand its a healing process. i love your blog as well.

  4. MasterNickelsSlut says

    Ive been crying on and off since Monday. My Master told me is moving to Virginia and in a matter of weeks. I will eventually join him. But the seperation between is going to be the hardest thing. We dont live together now and finally will when i join him. That alone should make me happy. I just know how i already feel with once a week dates… to go months untill i can feel his touch on my skin will be simply terrible.

  5. Bren says

    I cried tonight. It’s been a terribly difficult day and it’s been pretty non-stop.

  6. s says

    About 5 minutes ago – my previous master lied so many times to me and now that it’s all said and done he acts as if he doesn’t even care – I just realized how unimportant I really was to him in the grand scheme of things – I seriously have a lot to work through now – but now that I know the truth I’m glad I know it – regardless of the amount of pain – I suppose I’ll simply call it a learning experience and realize I have a few more things I need to get in check for myself.

  7. Toriko says

    I was a complete brat to my Master recently (this week my emotions have been positively horrendous and I’ve let them take control of me) and when He discovered that the mistake I had been shitty about was my fault, he dragged me into the room (me howling with laughter) and spanked me with the punishment paddle as I apologized. I couldn’t stop laughing though, and came to tears of laughter over how silly I had been, how awfully i had behaved and how funny the whole thing was. …

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