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What is weighing on your heart…

What is weighing on your heart… right… now?

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  1. mstrsbunny12 says

    Weather or not I’m being a good enough submissive for my master.

  2. witchwolfe says

    What is weighing on my heart? Several things. In no particular order of importance:
    how to be a good submissive
    how to get closer to my partners
    how to be a friend
    how to quell the tension my child keeps going in the household
    how to initiate intimacy
    how to avoid feeling hurt when others get things that i ask for, but i don’t
    how to “open up”
    how to “let go”

  3. Adriana says

    What is weighing on my heart? Wow, I have so many things weighing on my heart. Am I gonna be a good submissive? How can I stop feeling like I am the only one emotionally invested in O.our relationship. How do I stop myself from getting hurt because my first Mistress ignores me? Why has She started ignoring me, I thought She loved me? Is my Mistress gonna be pleased with me when W/we get “together” in September. Am I a good submissive? Is my Mistress and her husband (my Sir) ‘s heart big enough for me? etc.. Lol, I have so many thought running through mind.

  4. Georgia says

    Right this moment, what is weighing on my heart is:
    how can I be sure that I am doing all I can when I live so far from my Dom?
    How can I love him so much when I don’t know if he will ever love me?
    Where can I learn all I need to know to make sure I am educated in D/s?

  5. Orchidluv says

    Will things go well tomorrow, will he be pleased with me?
    How will things go on Thursday?
    Will he be for me in the presence of a new person?

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