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What was your first D/s encounter?

What was your first D/s encounter?

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  1. Melissa says

    It was actually the first night I went out with my Master. We met under quite vanilla circumstances and our evening going into D/s was not expected at the outset by any means. We talked a LOT that night and I learned that he’d been part of the lifestyle for quite a while, while I was interested and had been talking to someone who was a Dom, but it wasn’t serious or committed or any such thing, just friends talking but my interest was certainly peaked.

    When we left the restaurant where we’d gone for dinner, which was about 30 mins away from where I live, by the time we were out of town he’d had me take my pants off and was fingering me while he was driving. He finally pulled over and finished what he’d started and then had me lean over and suck his cock while he drove the rest of the way back.

    Since I lived with a friend, he opted for a hotel for privacy’s sake and as he pulled in and fixed his pants to get out, he had me strip completely naked and instructed me to wait until he got back. He got back and gathered up my clothes and waited until the parking lot was cleared out and got out, came around, opened my door and I had to walk across the lot to the room naked.

    I’d always enjoyed being spanked, however I was in for something totally different this time. He’d set up a safeword before we ever left the restaurant, and informed me that he was going to spank me until I cried. He had me kneel on the bed, arms stretched out in front of me, ass in the air. He used his hands first and then his belt. He checked several times in the course of the spanking to ensure that I was reallly ok, as he said later that he didn’t expect me to take as much as I did, and the second he knew I was crying he stopped the spanking. The rest of the night was…interesting and totally amazing but not necessarily D/s.

    There was something about him, that even before we got the part of the conversation where anything D/s related was talked about in any way that … I think somewhere inside of me, I KNEW that HE was the one. I don’t trust easily, haven’t in a very long time, however I did him from the beginning. I would never have even considered giving the control I gave him that single night to either of the men I’d been married to previously, NEVER. He’s the one who was meant to have it however, and now he does… Totally and Completely.

  2. MasterStonesprincess says

    My first D/s encounter was with my Master. When we first met I knew he was the alpha male. I wasn’t sure what that meant but I knew he could control me and make me do things for him I wouldn’t do for any man (ie: give up my independence,do sexual things I would never do with anyone else,do everything in my power to make him happy). I had been divorced for 21 yrs before I met Him and wanted get married again. I didn’t know at the time it was going to end up as a D/s relationship but I knew he had a mental control over me that I had never experienced before. The actual sexual D/s relationship didn’t occur until after 6 1/2 yrs of marriage,but the mental D/s relationship occured from the beginning.

  3. J'ssub says

    Same here. i met my Master online, but to that point i had no idea i was submissive. When W/we met in real life, He was wondering why i was always doing things for Him and He knew from the get-go that i would do anything for Him at any time. Since meeting, He and i have gotten married and are living the lifestyle behind the scenes. personally i wish He would take it to the public, and he does occasionally, but very very rarely.

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