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Have you ever been given a task that …

Have you ever been given a task that you just couldn’t do?

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  1. Melissa says

    Thus far, no. However, we are only getting started, so that may well change at some point. However, my mindset now is that, as His slave, my ‘job’ is to do whatever I can to accomplish anything He asks of me and I don’t think he’d deliberately have me do something he KNEW I wouldn’t be able to do.

  2. s says

    yes – and I did everything in my power to do it – when I told him I felt sad and ashamed because I’d wanted to accomplish it so badly but he said he was proud of me which startled me lol to him I’d done the best I could and kept putting in my best effort until ‘time was out’ which to him was just the same :) I’m a perfectionist at times so to me that’s never been a concept that made sense lol but I’m learning :)

  3. Ginnyw says

    Yes, I have been given a task that I am working on now. I must find him a gift of a playmate for him to use alone and/or with me on occasion. I have been on many of the adult sites and am having trouble finding a bisexual woman who is willing. I am happy that he trusts me enough to find someone without any personal feelings on my part. I have been successful at this task before, but that was when I was finding straight women. This time is different

  4. tawana says

    i was given the task of finding a playmate. i’d find people that didn’t work out. i’m not sure i failed as much as searching for unicorns can take time.

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