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I love being submissive because …

I love being submissive because …

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  1. Melissa says

    It gives me the freedom I’ve never truly had. It enables me to be myself, my TRUE self. It gives me the ability to give Him what he wants and needs from me, and makes him happy – which is all I want, for Him to be happy.

  2. witchwolfe says

    …it has the potential to help me develop into a fully functioning human being, complete with desires and emotions. Somewhere along the way, i missed the boat.

  3. KittenDSR says

    I’m a more fulfilled person because of it…as long as he is happy then I’m happy, and he gives me the freedom to spread my wings and become the person I was meant to be…

  4. Sunflower says

    Being who I am allows me to feel complete and making him happy is a bonus it’s a complete circle of sense. It’s who I am

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