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How do you remain optimistic in an onlin …

How do you remain optimistic in an online D/s relationship when one is married to an outside partner?

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  1. MistressKathE says

    Well I have a problem staying optimistic in an online relationship whether or not there is another partner because to me, and this is just about me personally, online without real time is just an MMORPG. I like RP in person because it’s a piece of the person that they are unable to explore in any other place in their life. As for someone with a spouse well for me that’s just flirting or a safe form of adultery. I’m not vanilla but I have some old fashion ideas about relationships.

  2. ladypet_Dragyn says

    I remain optimistic by focusing on my hopes for the future, both “irl” and for the relationship. I keep my expectations realistic, and remind myself frequently that no matter how much I want to be, I can never _really_ be “His”. This understanding gives me more fuel for discussions, scenes…questions or fantasies I might leave for Him. My hope for the relationship is relatively small… maybe one night together, eventually. So much devotion, work….for such a small payout? Yes. Yes, yes, a thousand times Yes. To give Him as much of myself as possible under the circumstances. That’s all I have to give, and He seems content with it.

  3. little monkey says

    When I went into the relationship I was married, so the traditional happily ever after was never on the table to begin with. Perhaps it is easier for me because that was never an expectation.
    If I can rein in my penchant for all or nothing thinking I do very well. My on-line relationship feeds me in ways that my marriage does not. I can see myself years down the road, visiting him once or twice a year, a la’ “Same Time Next Year” (showing my age with that movie title, eh?)

  4. CamilleDoll says

    In Our case we are both married to other people and have a long distance D/s relationship. I concur that the reality of the situation needs to stay in the forefront. When we are together we focus on each other and our relationship for our ever long we have be it 1 day or several. In that time we belong to each other. Texts, emails, and talking have to do be enough when we are apart. Speaking for me, my relationship with my Dom completes me in a way the companionship and love I have for my husband does not.

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