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Do you know ‘dying’ skills like sewing …

Do you know ‘dying’ skills like sewing, hand-quilting, soap making, etc? How does this improve your service? What skills would you like to learn?

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  1. Branwyn says

    “Old Fashioned” or “dying” skills I have: Making bread from scratch (no bread machine, no mixer with dough hook, just me and my hands kneeding for what seems to be hours :) ); baking everything from scratch; soap making; lotion making; preserves, jams and jellies, syrups making and canning, sewing, weaving, needle lace…

    There is a lot that I do that most people look at me askance for, and wonder why I don’t just pick up a cake/bread/jam/whatever from the store. I’m just an old fashioned kind of person. :)

  2. Sheri - the good one says

    I cross stitch (won the blue ribbon @ the state fair on my 1st attempt) — I’ve been doing this since I was a teen.

    I’ve given pieces to very very close family and friends – a true gift of love.

    People have told me that some of my pieces look like paintings.

  3. kristy says

    I can dye, hand & machine sew, quilt, silk paint, batik, make hats, do a little bit of leatherwork, mend, do some basic weaving, make candles, etc.

    It’s exceptionally handy when dealing with laundry – if something is losing color, falling apart, etc, I can often fix it, at least temporarily.

    I also find that my sewing ability and the ability to make clothes from a patten is useful – both for regular clothes & around Halloween!

    I think the more knowledge you have, the better, even if it doesn’t directly enhance your service, it makes you a more interesting person.

  4. toriko says

    I would really love to get into more homemaking/domestic skills. I currently live abroad so I don’t have a lot of options but do any of you out there have any recommendations? Like, are knitting and cross-stich easy to take up?

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