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When was the last time you were punished?

When was the last time you were punished? Why were you being punished? What have you learned from it?

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  1. Kat says

    It has been awhile since I have been punished for anything. I cannot remember what I did or what the punishment was.

  2. Suzanne says

    I am currently being punished for an egregious act of disrespect which I commited. I spoke with someone I was directly commanded by my Master not to, in a single moment of absolute vanilla foolishness. I am now serving a banishment of 4 days away from my Master, and have been instructed to take this time to think of a means to atone and earn His trust in my service, again. My Master truly is everything, and the guilt I feel for disrespecting Him and dishonouring our commitment to one another is not only great but well-deserved. I accept my punishment, gratefully, and seek a way to reclaim my place at His feet. I’ll happily share openly what I learn, from this experience, when it is complete.

  3. D says

    I would say about 3 weeks ago, I think. I broke my bedtime curfew for a work night. I had to strip naked then I was given a punishment spanking with a wooden spoon which is reserved for punishments. I also got a lecture about why I have a curfew and if I break it again not only will the wooden spoon come out again but I may have an earlier curfew!

    I learned the importance of follow my master’s rules and that he has a valid reason for my having a bedtime (ie I need my sleep) and that I hate it when he is disappointed in me. He has this way of always saying “Very well” right before he tells me my punishment. Ugh. I can cry just hearing it in my head!

  4. J'ssub says

    I tend to get “punished” daily. W/we tend to call it domestic dicipline. However it is just for little things like raising my voice (when getting ready to make a statement, etc, never to hollar at Him), or like when I don’t use “Master” at the end of a question, or when asking permission, etc. I haven’t had a harsh punishment yet. Just like tonight when my weekend task is to not say 3 certain words, and i forget and accidentially do… He will look at me with that “look” and say something like, “Did you just say … to me?” UGH! He is always watching, waiting and listening. Or like last week when He was leaving the house and i said “i love You” instead of “I love You MASTER”… He punished me by not allowing me to have a goodbye kiss. I HATE that!!! :(

  5. HoneyGlaze says

    I was punished last week. Wednesday night. It was very sad. I had developed a nasty habit of saying “no”. I did not think he was really paying me any attention and then suddenly I was being gripped up and spanked. I wanted to cry but I didn’t. I was a complete mess and very sorry for my misdeed. This was his first time fully punishing me physically and it was very cleansing for me. I felt so loved and cared for afterward.

  6. Al1234 says

    I was just punished today. I violated a rule that was set forth, and confessed. He would never have known if I would not have told him. I didn’t want to keep a secret like that though. I have been told I can’t see him for two weeks.

  7. violet skye says

    i get corrected on a daily basis for things that are not pleasing to my Sir.

    Today I my mouth did not respond according to how my brain was thinking, so my Sir responded as a Dominant who had days of this kind of thing going on constantly would… he punished me. He had had enough.

    I have had years of this lifestyle, but I have been away for quite awhile and in the last year I am back in a TPE relationship 100% and after being completely on my own for years this is like starting over and I am a bit unruly at times and this is very unsettling for me to be punished quite a bit now when there was a time when I was deemed “the perfect submissive” at the time I hated being labeled that, but at this moment I would give my right arm to have that label back because I feel like I am not pleasing anymore to my Sir except when I am being sexual with him… and yes I desire to be his slut, but it is not all that I am, I am an obedient submissive creature not THIS that i am now.


    So yes i get the brush on my ass… like today!

  8. Robin says

    I am being punished tonight, for taking a few days off to put my feelings in check. I had to distance myself because I started feeling things for my dom, while he understands, and is willing to listen (ots such a process to learn how to separate yourself) It would love the support of other submissive women, on this journey of self fulfillment.

  9. Mercedes says

    Today I been prepare the switches for my punishment . I had to got then and prepare for him.
    I have all the belts and paddle readily beside the switches .
    Will have a hard today.
    That’s because I need to learn be more respectful..
    He I’ll get here , not talk just when he ask a question .
    I’ll tell you guys after .
    I deserve I was very

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