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What have you done today to honor your Dominant?

What have you done today to honor your Dominant?

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  1. Toms Cunt says

    I am in nipple training with weights and I am to wear them for 30 minutes while on my hands and knees daily. This is to honor my Master and to make my nipples longer. I have been in training for over a month now and it is an honor to do it for Master, especially when he is away, like today. It keeps him in my mind and makes me more focussed on my submission.

  2. KittenDSR says

    Today my Master had to be away even though it is our play day. To make up for this, he requested that I read some stories online and to send him 3 that I liked for him to read. Once this was accomplished, he asked me to send him a picture of what the stories did to me. He then gave me permission to play but with the requirement that before I could cum, I had to send him a picture of me with 2 toys, one in his pussy and one in his ass. I gladly, if awkwardly, did this for him. He then allowed me to have free play time and I was allowed to play anyway I saw fit. My Master really is a kind and generous Master.

  3. Gina says

    Even though my Master and I live far apart, he still picks out my underwear each day and requires that I send him a picture of me wearing his choices. This is our morning routine and it makes me feel much closer to him.

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