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Our Dominants teach us so much about our …

Our Dominants teach us so much about ourselves. What is something you’ve taught your Dominant?

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  1. Mistress Kathryn says

    submissives teach us how to lead

  2. matthewscelia says

    I am teaching my Dominant to be a submissive, which is His desire.

  3. jpsub says

    To live in the present…he gets caught in the past sometimes and doesnt help his depression to harp on them. Certain things will jog his memory and get depressed, especially the holidays. I tell him to be with me because I am here now and that is all that matters. Us and the kids. He doesnt have to forget the past because it is a part of him, but do not dwell on it as to make him depressed. Every experience we have we learn from to make us a better person.

  4. Masters slut says

    It doesn’t think it’s truly “taught” Master this, but has certainly shown and told Master with every word and act: Master is perfect, beautiful, loved and worthy for being exactly whom He is. He doesn’t have to change Himself or be ashamed of who He is or of His needs. It has shown Him that it will love and accept Sir unconditionally no matter what Sir says or does or reveals about Himself. He will be completely, unconditionally loved for exactly who He is and it does not want Master to change. slave is Sirs completely and forever and always has been because of exactly who and what He is. It hopes Sir truly believes and knows this, at least one day.

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