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What was your first sexual/play encounte …

What was your first sexual/play encounter with your current Owner like for you? If you don’t have a current Owner, tell us about your previous Owner.

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  1. Sir's lil submissive one says

    My First play encounter with Sir was all about testing my pain limits and orgasm control,it was 3 hours of subliminal,pain,play and petting and i was the centre of attention,i felt like the luckiest woman on the planet at the time,still do.

  2. Ted Underfoot says

    My first play encounter was in my 20s over 20 years ago with a man (I am a man, also) I met through a newspaper ad after we discussed over the phone the scene we wanted. He intimidated me verbally as I stood at attention, he grabbed my hair and slapped my face several times, he had me strip and pushed me on the floor where he whipped my back and butt, then he had me crawl to where he sat above me on the bed and I licked his bare feet for 15 minutes before he whipped me some more. It was great!

  3. Judy says

    My First play encounter with Master D was doing what he commanded when he commanded such as “Present your breasts to me”; “Suck my cock hard”; bend over and he spanked me – talk about a wet spot in my panties….. and being punished if not done in a timely manner or he was not happy with how it was done – nothing too extreme but the experience was nothing I had ever felt. I loved the control he took. My master can command me to do anything and it would be my pleasure to what he wishes. I have never been in such a pleasurable relationship and the one I have with Master D. I am so thankful that we found one another – I cannot wait to learn more as I kneel before my master and serving him to the utmost of my ability and then some. I truly feel that I belong to Master D. He was my first and hopefully my last I want to remain with him forever…..

  4. d says

    it was a combination of many things ,awkwardness because W/we were new to each O/other pain in relation to a testing of my limits and in a way a “testing ” of Masters as well …excitement , hope , pleasure …{ three years later }as i look back, in retrospect , it was even more amazing than i thought then .. i am humbled by fate . grateful i am His ,and grateful i am on this journey with Master

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