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What would you do with your Owner’s col …

What would you do with your Owner’s collar if they died while you were in service to them?

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  1. Kat says

    I am an owned collarless slave in training. But, if my Master collared me. I would be greatly honored and proud. If he died during that time, I would keep my collar someplace safe as a reminder of all the things we shared together.

  2. obedient_object says

    Yes i feel the same way and would do the same thing as Kat mentioned above in her comment.

  3. simplysubmissive says

    my former Master did die last year and although i knew He did not have long to live, nothing could prepare me for the aching void i felt, and still feel to an extent. i dearly wanted him to release me before his death (which i hinted at but never spoke about directly) as i felt that would help me accept the end of our relationship, but he did not. He died my Master and a part of my heart will forever be owned by him. i have a new Master now, but don’t think i will ever again feel that *total* devotion. My former Master’s collar has remained in the box of memories of him which i have not opened since the day he died.

  4. Tabitha says

    I would probably wear it until I was ready to let go. I hope I don’t have to deal with this, at least unless it’s from old age.

  5. MasterWolf_ncs_lilbrat says

    i want my leash to be buried with Him. i would continue to wear His collar. i could never take another Master unless He gave me to someone else as part of His will. i could serve as part of His command, but i love Him so much that i could never love another or serve another the way i do Him.

    Part of me will die. The only part of my slavery that could possibly continue would be the rules, ideas, and lessons He left behind. i would live as His slave until i died, and i want to be buried wearing my collar.

  6. little monkey says

    Wear it until the grief begins to soften, then put it away in a manila envelope with a few letters and other mementos, like a receipt from the last restaurant meal ate together.

    Then you put it in the bottom of your lingerie drawer. Every so often when you are feeling strong you run your fingertips across the envelope (it does make you feel slightly more connected to him, just a little), and you hope that someday the pain will be soft enough that you can open the envelope again and enjoy the memories and smile that the content brings.

    Then life goes on.

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