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What activity that you engage in involve …

What activity that you engage in involves all of you; mind, body and soul?

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  1. Toms Cunt says

    Any session or playtime with Master, anytime we speak on the phone or in person……actually now that I think about it, just about anything I do, I am thinking what would Master want me to do….so all my activities, my everyday life involves all of me….its who I am…..HIS

  2. j says

    I have to agree, anything i do with my Owner, i put every part of my being into it, it is like totally surrendering, i want Him to have all of me in everything W/we do..i have discovered it pleases Him so much to know that i give all of me.. i do it because i want to, not because it is required. i live to make Sir happy.. and to be HIS completely…

  3. Christine says

    It is the sex because when we look into each other’s eyes, I see what he feels in return and I submit happily. I know I am his. When we kiss and grope, it is the same. Eyes are the window to the soul. With the spanking, it is more like,”ok, im yours, lets get this over with”. I know he likes doing it to me, so I let him. I will finish showering and he will just spank me for the hell of it. Anywhere, anytime. In public or not.

  4. Raelene says

    It used to be sex until i had a bit of a rude awakening. i am sure that will return once W/we’ve sorted out O/our “stuff”.

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