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Do you find a sense of security in servi …

Do you find a sense of security in serving or being owned?

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  1. Rae says

    Yes i do!!! That is one of the main reasons i am submissive….

  2. Cherrysky says

    Yes I find a sense of security in being owned. My life is in a combination of emotional turmoil and change, so to know there is someone who has claimed me as his makes me feel secure. I know I am wanted and can count on him to make me feel safe. When I get to be with him physically, he is like a touchstone for me. An escape from my real world problems. I feel like Ive come “home” the moment he grabs my hair from behind me and pulls me close to his body.

  3. MissyH says

    Yes, I do. It is when I feel the most complete, serving Sir.

  4. Terri says

    Absolutely. I love being able to serve him. His voice, his commands, his need for me are what I crave and desire and make me feel so wanted and desired and yes so secure.

  5. The Wolf from Penn's Woods says

    No. I have only had one Dom/Master, and nothing that was said to me was the truth. I was told that if it came down to a decision, the woman who didn’t like me in the relationship would be asked to leave before I was. I was promised time with Him. I was told I would be included. The bottom line ended up being that the sub who didn’t want me to be there controlled my Dom’s decisions. If she wanted spanking reserved for her, I wasn’t allowed to be spanked. If she wanted to dragon tail or the Hitachi all to herself, by gum, she got it. She got to go everywhere with our Dom, and I got left behind. If she wanted to see a movie or go out to dinner, I was not allowed to be involved, but the other live in sub was allowed to go along. All of this, after being told there WERE no primary, secondary, tertiary designations. There was no security. I was unceremoniously thrown out. I won’t make the mistake of trusting anyone in that capacity again.

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