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Do you trust other people automatically …

Do you trust other people automatically until they do something to break that trust… or do you reserve your trust until they have earned it?

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  1. kinkybelle says

    I don’t trust deeply very easily at all. But I don’t necessarily totally distrust at the beginning either. Once my trust is broken, it’s rarely regained.

  2. Miss-S says

    I don’t trust very easy!
    I have had bad D’s in the past and had been off the scene for nearly 10 years before i met my Dom.
    We have worked together for nearly 18 months before he became my Dom, which helps alot on the trust, he knows my issues, we talk about everything and have no secrets, we trust eachother fully!
    And as Kinkybelle, once my trust is broken, it is rarely regained!

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