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Are you called a ’slut’ or some othe …

Are you called a ’slut’ or some other endearment which traditionally carries a negative connotation? How does it feel in the context of your relationship?

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  1. Ginnyw says

    He has an insatiable desire to have sex with as many different women as possible. I am the only one who gets called his slut. It makes me feel special because I am the only one who he has a name for. Everyone else just gets “fucked”.

  2. slut says

    The first time my Dominant called me a slut i was offended at first. However, She used that to start a conversation about just what is a slut. There are several definitions for slut. The one that i am proud to wear for my Dominant is one that enhances and/or introduces others sexual activities.

    Now when ever i am in service to and for my Dominant, i have reason to be a slut and see it as a way to be a good reflection on my owner.

    Not only that but when i feel that i have helped someone else find themselves then i have been of service to them and my owner.

    i am happy and proud to be a slut. So far one of my best times out was dressed as a french maid with lots of petticoat holding up Her very short skirt will i was wearing a thong. At first i was a little nervous until a guy came over and complimented on my outfit. he went on to say that his wife had gotten a french maid outfit for him but he had only ever worn it in the bedroom for her. The next time there was an event he was going to come out wearing it for her because he had seen me doing so. (i am sorry we didn’t share contact info but i hope to see you out at Outland sometime soon. you will have a grand time.)

    “curtsy” with a smile “i am a slut, i am Her SLUT and proud of it.” :) Will you happily join me and proudly serve as a slut?

    As a side note i believe this has been one of my bigger prompts for about 5 or 6 different journal posting about being a slut. With now another one to go more so on what it means and relects on one’s Owner when you are a good or great slut. Thanks and Hello to all the other sluts. Be proud, stand tall and be happy. :D

    Goddess Snow’s and Miss Audrie’s slut.

  3. NickelsSlut says

    I’m Master’s Slut and I actually love it. I am also his Bitch n his Girl n his Baby. What I am called depends on the situation. I dont mind any of them knowing i am the only of each that he has is in itself honorable to me.

  4. Amber says

    My Dom calles me his slut and his fucktoy. They both hold negative connotations of course. Originaly I wans’t fond of being called slut but I got used to it because I know that it arouses my Dom to call me his slut and as reward for not throuwing a fuss about it he only says that I am his slit never just a slut because I am only his and no one elses the same for fucktoy. but I am more fond of being his fucktoy than his slut. Fucktoy is more controling to me and I like that feeling when he calls me my fucktoy it gives me the illusion of being used like a toy for my Doms pleasure wich I enjoy. I feel privlaged that I am my Doms slut and fucktoy. He only calles me those names, because only I am his.He often askes me when he more aroused, “What are you?” and i answer one of three things “I am your slut, my Dom” or “I am your fucktoy, my Dom” and most often “I am your submissive, my Dom”. i use either my Dom or sir depending on the orders. My Dom calls me many other thisgs as well sweetie, baby, babe, derlin, lassie, sexy, and others that I can’t think of at the moment.

  5. d says

    … i am .. His slut . i find it wildly satisfying , and am proud to be just that .

    and without a beat i am what He calls me , at any given time . any name is the perfect choice .

  6. Captains Bitch says

    I am my Captain’s bitch, and very happy with that, though being a very proud woman, no one else to call me that but Him. It makes me feel cared for to be called bitch by Him. I know that when He uses that term, it is my prompt to pay very close attention, because at that moment I am no longer His friend,confidant or anything else, I am HIS to do with as He pleases.

  7. slave Lou says

    Names like sissy slave and bitch make me feel so submissive and always bring a smile to my face. I know Mistress says it as a pet name and further stamping Her ownership of me and I love it. She does still call me baby and every once in a while after calling me one of those names She will say “and My husband” and she will smile….
    At times during play she will say other choice names that really bring out my submission further because Mistress really knows what buttons to push. But I know all of them she says them in the most endearing manner.

  8. Tabitha says

    Only when we are doing something sexual. It turns me on. It just means that I’m sexy and willing to do what he says.

  9. little monkey says

    He does call me slut, all the time,it acts as both title and device to keep me mindful of my place in the relationship. It has a whiff of objectification to it as well. Fucktoy is what he calls me when he is feeling warm and playful. I have come to hear them both as endearments, and they are intended to be I believe.

    Whore on the other hand, I still have trouble with whore.

    I am his whore, it doesn’t take much on his part to put me in that space. He only uses it while we are involved in sexual things, and usually will claim me that way, “My whore”, but sometime will just call me whore. I am still conflicted about it in ways that fucktoy and slut do not make feel. I’m sure that is one reason he uses it judiciously, so it is less likely to lose that power of discomfiture.

  10. Raelene says

    Ha hahahahahahahahaha!!! I am sure I am called this and so much more by all the people my life transformation is affecting!!!! It is a good thing!!!!! I am getting back all the things that are truly mine and always have been. My sincerest wish is that I do this with grace and dignity, despite all the colorful language being bandied around attesting to my character. The bitter and twisted can be very entertaining at times!!! I am very very grateful for the big cloak of steel cotton wool that I am wrapped in to keep me safe. Desperate people almost invariably resort to desperate measures to change things to their way….

  11. westfalen says

    this sub-bloke was referred to as Her slut in a prior M/s relationship and it felt good to be so sexualized by a woman in that way….and natural too!

  12. Barbara says

    My dom called me his slut,bitch,whore or what he feels I am and I love it turns me on and makes me want him more

  13. violet skye says

    i am my Sir’s slut, and there are a couple of other pet names that my Sir calls me that make me feel wonderful and wonderfully owned.

    If our mundane friends and family heard him call me these names they would be horrified for me as a woman and the woman that they know and love… and some would secretly file those names away to possibly try with their females in the dark of the night…

    These names that he whispers to me, growls at me and sneers in my face excite me and allow me to feel safe, and secure and loved in the world today…

    many a year in my past if a person of his character would have had the audacity to have spoken those words to me I would have sicced my step daddy or one of the guys who hung around after the asshat to defend my pristine honour… because nobody should talk that way to a girl unless they want to have their bell rung.

    Now I have matured and found a new way to look at life, and seen a different side of my own being and realized that I appreciate a little shadow in my passion if you understand my meaning. ~wink~

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