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What is your definition of a service sub …

What is your definition of a service submissive? Is this something you strive for or attain or is it a natural part of your being?

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  1. ted_subby says

    When I see the term service submissive I think of someone who obtains joy from completing tasks for the benefit of the dominant, which is very dependent upon the participants. For a service submissive, the way I understand it, there is no need for the threat of punishment or to be bossed around in order to obtain the joy of submission, although service submissives may also be other types of submissives simultaneously such as a slave slut.

    I want to be a well-rounded submissive to my dominant wife but I am having difficulty in my attempt at being a service submissive. It is easy for me to enjoy being bossed around or (consensually) tortured because that’s always been my fantasy so it will take more difficult work/growth for me to become more of a service submissive in addition to the other types of submissive.

  2. Captains Bitch says

    I dont know about a specific catagory of submissivness, but I consider my service to my Captain as something I do becuase I want to please him. If I get up and make coffee for him in the morning, mend his pants etc, I’m doing it because I am his bitch, and I should always have his back. He likes to say that every sucessful man has an obedient bitch right behind him. I care for his needs small and big, just as he cares for mine.

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