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What are you reading or studying right n …

What are you reading or studying right now that could improve your level of service?

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  1. bonimiss says

    Dinner is Served by Arthur Inch, a famous British butler

  2. witchwolfe says

    “Bi Lives: Bisexual Women Tell Their Stories.” I have such a hard time accepting that I am bi, not to mention being open about it. It’s like it’s okay for others, just not for me. A big part of my failure to properly serve is my inability to accept myself the way I am.

  3. HeatherRenee says

    “2013 Garden Almanac”

    I am currently starting a garden that will produce food and herbs that will feed us and lighten the burden on D and I. We both work 2 jobs and still struggle at times, I also have planted pretty flowers and such to liven up the yard where D sits and has a smoke.

    I don’t know if it makes much difference to him, but the feeling is there, inside my heart, I love offering some sort of service even if we are currently living a pretty vanilla lifestyle, i also tell everyone “Yes Sir/Ma’am” even the 17 year olds working at McDonalds, lol I guess i am starving for some sort of Dominance.

  4. Carl Johan Ringius says

    Im also starving for dominans , because i have lived With a mistress in 30års tid and im supose to have leadership for to have real life so i can fullfill My life!and be to any happines for someone , im living alone now and iTs hard to do that in the future for me !

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