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How do you handle stumbles or wrong atte …

How do you handle stumbles or wrong attempts as you journey down your own path?

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  1. Rae says

    I admit that I have stumbled because I am still learning about myself as a submissive woman and I am still learning about my Dom and what he expects from me.

  2. s says

    I have a very bad habit of beating myself down – the whole “You SHOULD HAVE done xyz!!!” “You KNEW better!!!” or even “How could you be so *** stupid??!!!” master’s not too “fond” of that habit to say the least.. when I’m calm enough to think atraight, I try and remind myself I’m his to punish or correct – not mine
    Usually (like I said when I’m thinking clearly enough) I let him know when I feel that sort of thinking starting to emerge and instead of telling myself things like that I word it to him as “I feel like…” — “I feel like I could have done better because…” or “I feel ashamed of xyz because” or “I feel angry with myself because…” then he and I work it out from there – usually it’s just me being extremely hard on myself or over critical and he shows me how etc.

    I’ve made many many wrong attempts – and stumbled more times than I care to admit – though I don’t think master would agree with that response lol because I’ve learned something from each one – I’m human – I’m learning about submission, myself, and who I am as a sub. A lot of the stumbling blocks between who I am now and the slave I strive to be are found in my thinking – and thoughts and thought patterns can really mess up so many other things so easily – but I’m learning – and I think one day I’ll be able to Immediately face what happened and then only worry about how to find the lesson, and move on from there vs. facing what happened and obsessing over everything I did wrong leaving me feeling as though I’m a “bad sub”

  3. Tabitha says

    What do you mean but that? Do you mean when I disobeyed Master? Do you mean when I accidentally break a bowl while making his dinner?

    If I disobey Master without a good reason, we discuss the what and why, then I get my punishment.

    If we try a type of new play, and decide after a little while that it’s not right for us, we stop, talk about why it sucked, and don’t do it again.

    If I suddenly have to pee while we are playing, we stop, I go pee, clean up, and get back to it, unless Master is done.

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