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What would you like to learn about your …

What would you like to learn about your sexual self?

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  1. Careema says

    I am a first time female submissive. I am of a mature age, but live a very sheltered, very vanilla life. I have not had very much sexual experience, so I am learning most of it from my dominant. He is very patient with me and is very caring. He still punishes me when I am bad. He knows that I am a virgin still, but tells me that I am to be a sexual submissive only to him. When I am with him, I am not allowed to wear a bra or panties, and when we are indoors, I am to be naked at all times. He even bathes me and I am not allowed to touch myself without his permission. I feel embarrassed by being in public without my undergarments. I want to know how to feel more comfortable with this sexual side of me that I am just now getting to know. I enjoy spanking and being restrained, but I also feel that in some part of me it is wrong that I am a submissive. Please advise.

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