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What skill would you most like to learn …

What skill would you most like to learn to enhance your service?

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  1. Datza says

    magic hands, I love to give massage because I know that afterwards my Master feel relaxed :)

  2. Judy says

    Hmm not sure – I’m a good cook – and I’ve learned how to give a great body massage – along with a pedicure that I do weekly for my Dom – maybe how to spit shine his shoes might be something useful. Maybe I should ask him and see what he would want.

  3. Vada K. Belle says

    Great journal prompt. I would love to develop more serenity. To be more in the moment, and still, and patient…all that jazz until I could be described as serene.

  4. Kim says

    I would most like to learn the skill of relaxing my anal muscles, getting past my fears and anxieties over anal sex, so that I can joyfully submit to anal sex with a partner and receive sexual pleasure from it. It feels impossible or me, but I desperately want to be able to offer that part of myself to a partner and cannot seem to find it within me.

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