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How do you find that gratitude changes y …

How do you find that gratitude changes your outlook? Does this affect your slavery at all?

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  1. MrD says

    This topic I am quite interested to know from a submissive nature woman’s point of view. –MrDirecther

  2. The Fallen Angel says

    I think D/s relationships function on gratitude. A sub is greatful for the care and guidence provided by her Dom (or his Domme) therefor they do not question what thier Dom asks from them. In return that submission and acceptance makes the Dom greatful and they take care of the sub. Gratitude is important in any relationship to be honest, once you start taking your partner for granted then the relationship deteriorates.

  3. AntaresSub says

    When gratitude is felt towards another person it naturally brings out a submissive nature. And those that are submissive, will naturally gravitate towards a stronger desire to please the one they are grateful to.

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