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What is your opinion of alcohol or drugs …

What is your opinion of alcohol or drugs in a D/s relationship or part of a scene? Are you of sound judgement if you are under the influence?

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  1. J'ssub says

    Absolutely. But in my opinion, it all depends on what your relationship is prior to the intoxicant.

  2. matthew'scelia says

    Drugs or alcohol should NOT be a part of a D/s or play scene in my opinion, as well as my Masters. Both are mind altering and when your mind is altered in any way, you are not in full control of your faculties, therefore it is impossible to make sound judgements.


  3. Daniela Webb says

    I was surprised to learn that a sub was even allowed to drink alcohol. I assumed it would be forbidden by a strict Mistress.

  4. SQWEAK says

    You know, this subject is sort of double sided for me, as someone who uses drugs recreationally. I don’t see the problem with using drugs in a Dominate and submissive relationship as long as both parties understand the difference between using drugs responsibly and in moderation and those who have a problem and aren’t aware of said issue. It could be potentially very difficult to continue a dynamic like D/s without (at least) one partner being of sound mind and body. Especially if one is dependent solely on the other for guidance etc, etc

  5. lunaKM says

    Every relationship is different. Never assume anything!

  6. leash says

    I personally do not drink alcohol or do drugs during a scene because these vices impair your judgment and may risk the safe sane and consensual aspect of play. Just like driving under the influence, you are not making sound judgments and risk injury to you or you are submissive. I know of some that may have glass of wine and nothing prior to play usually over a dinner and to me that is fine because one drink although it affects the individual does not necessarily place anyone at risk. No matter how much trust you place in a person alcohol will affect that person’s mind.

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