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If the government brought back real and …

If the government brought back real and legal slavery, would you sign yourself over to your Owner as his/her slave?

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  1. little monkey says

    This prompt made took me aback, and my inner voice went, “WHOA”. My initial reaction was “NO WAY IN HELL”.

    After getting over my shock at the idea I suppose my response would have to be,” I don’t have an owner or even a real time D/s partner right now, but if I did, it would be up to my owner if I signed myself over, wouldn’t it?”

  2. zoe says

    I believe it would be your choice to sign or not.

  3. witchwolfe says

    Uh… no.

  4. MyMasterspet says

    Yes yes and yes! I would love to be His legal property! I wouldn’t sign up for slavery in general. But for Him to own me for real?! Heck yes!

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