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How do you define monogamy? Does it leav …

How do you define monogamy? Does it leave room for play with others, or entertaining thoughts of future threesomes?

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  1. J'ssub says

    Master and i are married. W/we are monogamous, period. However, i have told Him from the get go, that i have zero problem being with another female if He ever requested that of me. i am very comfortable with myself, knowing that i am a straight female, and 1 million percent commited to my Master. And if He ever decided that He wanted to “show me off” to one of his friends, or have one of His friends use me for the day, i am 100% committed to doing whatever He asks of me. So yes, even though W/we are monogamous, i will most definitely play with others or have a threesome, (or more) if Master ever asked. All i want is to please Him and serve Him well~

  2. Bren says

    If my Dom asked me to play with another male I would, however this would be stopped playing with a female as I could not offer her oral which may or may not crimp her play. If it were non-sexual play I will do whatever my Dom asks of me. Monogamy is on my part, however I realize that he likes other girls now and again and he respects not flaunting them in front of me.

  3. Sara says

    Monogamy is a having a relationship with one person…be it emotional, physical and/or sexual. And I think the key word is relationship. I/we believe we are monogamous, but we do play with others & have threesomes. Those are not separate relationships, but they can be a part of ours. We do not seek something out on our own. If I was ordered to play with another without my Master present, I would have to tape it as if he were there…there would be rules to follow & if any were broken, then it stops immediately…and he trusts that i will follow through. When there are threesomes, it is just another body to indulge, be it male or female…because it is what he wants, whether for his pleasure or mine…or maybe a punishment depending…lol.

  4. Kate says

    This is something I think about a lot but he’s not sure how he feels about it. I don’t think it makes any difference to our monogamy, that’s wholly unquestionable in my opinion. But the thought of being subject the desires of two men at once, hmmm I think it’s safe to say that it definitely apeals to me. We just need to find a way to explore the idea without committing to going all way so that he can determin if he likes it too or if he’ll just feel fiercely protective and not be comfortable with it at all.

  5. NS13_tangledpixie says

    Only my Master is given my submission. I am not required to submit to other Doms, nor am I required to share Master with other submissives. Adding a “third” not allowed. ( if at a play party, asking someone to hold a camera during a scene is OK, but they may not participate.) Both of us can be jealous, and it goes against our agreement on strict monogamy. Yes, we both have fantasies about a third, but would never act on it.

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