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How big of a role is clutter in your lif …

How big of a role is clutter in your life? Do you worry about it at all? Why or why not?

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  1. Ginny says

    The older I get the less I like clutter. I was always a pack rat, but only one room in my home was allowed to be messy. I have come to realize that when I die, my children will just throw nearly everything away. This has caused me to rethink about all the things that I have saved over the years. This change in me has started me on the path of donating, trashing, or just giving the really important things I have to family and friends. That way there will be little left but, hopefully, fond memories of me. We all should live life not collect junk, etc. I was once told to live like everything I owned was in a backpack. Things are just things. People are what count in the end.

  2. Rocky says

    I echo the above response. I got rid of a lot when I moved from NY to TN 10 years ago, and got rid of even more when I moved from TN to CA. Mostly I hung onto books, a few mementos from when I was little, and things my kids made. I live with people who hang onto a lot of stuff, and am hoping I can help them pare down so their lives are less complicated.

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