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Are you allowed alone time? Do you have …

Are you allowed alone time? Do you have it scheduled in your routine or is it as needed? What do you do if you have alone time?

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  1. Ravery says

    Right now I try to get alone time as needed, since my Master is overseas. When he is around, he usually sends me to our room when he sees that I am overly anxious.

  2. kitten says

    Alone time is critical to me yet it is missing. It is very difficult to carve out as i am in a poly house. i am the first, boy is second, and a 20-something girl is third. Age and involvement in the house cause difficulties. The youngest is always seeking attention, trying to jockey herself into a place of significance and belonging. Both of which will come to her with time, not instantly nor as easily as she calls up everything on her iphone. Boy has some family responsibilities-an agingin mother- so he does get away to vanilla family. i on the other hand am here 24-7 in the midst of the “baby” of the house and the man with a split universe of Ds/vanilla. For me serving Mistress is continuous. i am always surrounded except for when im in the shower. Escape to a room for a couple hours? By the time i relax and get to a place where i can focus on my artwork or read – time is up. i miss and need alone time but it is not possible here. i am a creative that can’t be due to lack of privacy, space, and calm. Scheduling it? Noooo. It is imposible to clear the house and air long enough for the anxiousness of work and service to fade. For now, it is something i wish for but find it lost in thin air. i do love my D/s life. But i do pay a heavy price.

  3. starrise says

    Master allows me alone time, he actually requires me to take a couple of hours a day. i am a full time student working on a Bachelor’s in Psychology, so He makes sure that i have enough time to focus on my studies as well as taking time to focus on the house and Him. The alone time is scheduled for when He leaves for work. Since Master works long days, this works out well, it gives me plenty of time for the house and my homework. Also, if i am needing any extra ‘headspace’ Master usually gives it to me. He likes to make sure that i have a clear head so that our communication is always open.

  4. Grille Kenaan says

    I live in a poly house and have children. Husband insists on personal time. Mine is usually meditative reflection or writing. There is also date nights which allow for couple individual time too. Works out really well!

  5. Noah Makara says

    I am partial to making my personal time longer. like days. Anything less doesnt do anything for me as i am a big picture thinker and a mechanical engineer minded person.
    Rt now i dont get much in the way of worry free alone time. My son is a twice exceptional person as am i. It has been dificult for me and therefore him in indiana. We moved here to be w my now ex sir.

  6. jpsub says

    I do get alone time, as much as needed because it is usually doing chores. When I am not doing or out with master, I play with my daughter as she is my only child. My stepson can take care of himself. I tell master i am spending time with her and he lets me.

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